Boom! As another “Boga” shoots up. I wasn’t prepared so I was surprised by the monstrous sound, quite frankly, I jerk every time something blows up unexpectedly. I don’t drink coffee so I think caffeine overdose is out of the question. Two hours from now, 2006 will go down in the history books just like last year and all the previous years before (sounds familiar eh?). There are a lot of things that happened in 2006 that I would never forget, and this could be the reason for this blog entry. I also thought that blogging, since its catching attention worldwide, would be a in list  of must-do-before-the-year-ends stuff section. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type who jumps into the bandwagon on sight. I just want to give it a shot, no harm in trying right? In addition, writing relieves stress especially when you have suppressed or piled ideas that you cant voice out in public. Freedom died the day GMA grabbed the presidency. Also, I can avoid raps for unintentionally writing utterly malicious  posts. ( evil grin) Idiotic but pragmatic.

On the contrary, I feel the lack of writing prowess. I am not a writer and obviously I don’t have any influence in the society I belong to. I am just your average joe. I don’t have good grammatical foundation and I am a little hazy on prepositions. The verdict is that my work is teeming with grammatical lapses. But who cares anyway? Sooner or later I’ll stop this crap, just like my previous endeavors that never gone farther than second base. But then again, I might discover something. I might actually learn something in the process and pass second base! Maybe you can tell me something I don’t know. Why did Ultimate Warrior suddenly disappear in the WWF? What do you think of gathering all our waste and dumping them in outer space? What are the names of the cast of Smurfs? Can someone lose fifty per cent of his hearing when he falls from a wheel-barrow? These questions, although senseless, require tons of research and they bother me in my idle moments.

This year opened a new door for me. I got a chance to study again in a good university after getting my ass whipped in a large pharmaceutical company. I also experienced my first heartbreak and my first major car accident. Ouch! I can still remember the grim face on my sister when she saw her car in the middle of EDSA Quezon Avenue with a bent hood, wrecked bumper and, busted headlights. Plus an unforgiving screeching sound on the front wheel every time you step on the breaks. It was also the year when my sister left to study in a far place. I never thought that she was damn serious when she said she wanted to be independent. All I can do is root for your success and  wait for the balikbayan box containing an Xbox360, Ipod Nano and a bundle of greenbacks. Time check. 1 hour left before the year officially ends. I realized that I have just typed a few lines and seventy per cent of it is gibberish. My dad is sitting on the couch indulging on a new book ; while outside, Manang is on her nth song on the videoke. Even in the confines of our house and the thick cement wall that separates us, her voice like a wireless router, sound waves passing through solid walls,  my ears are about to retire from the torturous sound. I will never forget her rendition of Sir Elton John’s Skyline Pigeon. Please make it stop.


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