Could it be?

Could it be?

JANUARY 6, 2007

Speaking in a foreign language is bearable but writing it on paper is another story. Foreign words will eventually  stick inside your head especially when you have someone to converse with; unlike writing compositions – that could trigger aneurysm and paralysis if taken seriously. I have been attending classes in Japanese over the past 7 months and quite frankly it is not another walk in the park. In the midst of everything political and ideological, in the heart of this university our fortress stands anchored by Japanese beams. Like the way of the ninja, we are secluded eight hours a day: learning everything from IT subjects to the great wonders of friendship and love. Aside from the usual “book -broke-backing” exercises and oral declamations we have 8 pages of survey forms that could easily  pass for a chapter exam. I am grateful we have such superb Instructors and Japanese staff, which never hesitate to lend a helping hand.

Everything as smooth as egg on tefal, until the day oyabun came up with an idea. Aside from climbing the insurmountable Mt. PhilNITS my “oyabun” requires me and flor to submit a monthly report in a specific fashion I have no knowledge of. This report, “mang berson,” as I fondly refer to it, has put lead in my pencil: something that has been missing for quite some time now. A sweet feeling tainted with scorn. Its like taking Bisolvon, it tastes awful but you have to take it to tone down the bass. Ahem! I consider the number seven as one of my lucky numbers until the day they required us to submit it every seventh of the month. I know that oyabun only intends to improve our language skills, and no pun intended . But the burning question is:

“Could it be any harder?”


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