Dear God

Dear God

JANUARY 18, 2007

looks like i ate too much again. if it is not too much of a trouble, please save me from indigestion. because i really abhor, aside from an aching tooth, the feeling of an upset stomach. i have been cussing frequently than usual, but i intend to lessen it. lately, i have been slacking more than usual, and i intend to cut it. i have been too busy with nothing, and its becoming more like a vice: trapped in a wretched device that only speaks 1’s and 0’s. lately, i caught the habit of shadow boxing and i think people are starting to notice i’m hitting them high and low jabs. please help me terminate this.

GOD, please save me from the jerk that i’ll become.

as i hit the sack tonight let me thank you for giving me another day in paradise. though its been months since i last heard mass, i want you to know how grateful i am. from the abundant supply of chocolates c/o mom and dad to old navy shirts and undies from ating, thank you. to my uncles for the company during the holidays, and for proving that the best cook in the world is a pampango – who cooks with love as the secret ingredient. to my homies, who stood by despite my loud mouth and insane to the membrane ideas, those 2 a.m. strolls and the flower’s swift-justice-scythe, also for bearing with my whims. i want you to know that waking in the middle of the night to cook breakfast has never been fun. and the loneliness? oh yes. the worst of it’s kind was easier to bear with during the cold holidays with you guys around. although you scatter like mice when its time to clean up. are we ever going to graduate from small town farm boys to big time gang lords?

GOD, i thank you.

to the people who still want to become the next hokage, forget it. i’m taking the throne  unless you can name my three favorite flowers and promise to give me a lifetime supply of angel drops. to my best friend: ganbare, akawnting o oware!

GOD, thank you for giving me friends.


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