JANUARY 31, 2007

i would like to thank everyone who greeted me… lalo na yung mga saktong 12 am grabe sobrang na touch ako. you know who you guys are, and i’ll say this like tom cruise on jerry maguire, “you complete me.” naks…

thank you to all those people who came all the way from different places to join me here pampanga, you guys are the next best thing after my family. i would like to thank ta peng for the cake. my bestfriend for the boxer shorts and for lending me your mp3 palyer for an indefinite period. to my childhood friends roby, alan jepoy – the people i reminded 5 million times to come at lunch time. you guys managed to cheer me up even though you came dead drunk around 1 am of feb 1 and sang like crazy on the videoke till early morning. tanidayo ala nang mas bolang kekayu, pero aminan ku akung peka bolang kekatamu. to my dad and sister thank you for the love, i could not ask for more.

at syempre i maku na yang peka malagung ima keng mabilug a yatu. dacal salamat, ena maglambat kanyan aku naman ing magobra para keka.


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