Free write

Free write

FEBRUARY 15, 2007

ahem… why is he always the first one to go home when I have to bear an hour or so traffic in the midst of the moody hotspot hacked with the cotton hearted hag begging Johnny be good old days of playing in the wide grassy field with miss fields not chips ahoy but coffee to be given when you sign up here below and get you bag filled with gummy bears crawling beneath the moor ants feasting and frolicking stilettos on your favorite cake adjacent to horrendous tomato seeds rotting that is the reason for being happy but takes a gay back street boy every time you fall the trump succeeds but say the world is a never-ending journey but Bacchus turned to an energy drink and unilab sucks cause the pain amplified by the ample heart-crushing sadness remains and milli vanili is not vanilla ice ice baby so the road to your heart is slightly showing like black widow ready to inflict its treacherous cracken like tentacles and it would show up glimmering so the darkness fell on the other side where I woke up without a doubt I can feel you reaching out but can you catch me if I fall and it is quite amusing to see you dancing to that tune I forgot to tell you how sexy you were and the sun agrees but if not I’m doomed with a boom I crashed aftermath sister crying solar altis crimson beverage juice of Saudi where the rings attest the morning should you see me or not I’ll come to the place where we first met and let these sleeping dogs say I do not declare all my asset ejaculating spitting rage strike up the day and let it bleed sitting atop the 23rd floor tapirs realized that life is unfolding once again right before their very eyes and so the villain is on the move like the silent night hidden in the mist slitting the throat I cant finish cause the target is way off like what your mom told you and It will happen.

time start: 7:13

time finished:  7:20


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