MAY 20, 2007

When I was kid I was always fascinated with the way elections are carried out in the Philippines. It was celebrated with such colorful fashion where every aspect human deception is carefully plotted. From the pre-election shenanigans up to the infamous last-two-minutes crunch time, where even the dead rise from the depths of hell to vote. Road craters disappear faster before you can even say heropsychodreamerfreak. Motorcades fill the streets with streamers and posters. Minions even hand out cheap polyester shirts, and other wearable items. My favorite was the Erap &Edong orange armband; I wore it until the threading held on. Depending on the current hit song, jingles are patterned to, and infused with superficial lyrics. Whatever happened to good old fashion debates? That I don’t know. Perhaps, it was buried underneath the mud along with thousand of homes during the Pinatubo eruption.


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