JUNE 11, 2007

it was not without a price: those moments of blissful living. moments you would like capture and store them in clear jars and watch them in your dying days. although it took a long time before the vampires came, the blood inside my nerves was sucked dry in an instant, leaving me like a lifeless plant. the collateral was more that i thought, maybe you used a self-mutating computation algorithm coded for loansharks.  thank you for making me realize that i was  honest to the point of stupidity. i learned that honesty is not the best policy, because you get crucified in the nude afterwards.  you have this effect on me wherein my hands stay in the neutral zone, taming my flaming passion with your actions. how far we’ve gone remains like an undiscovered gaseous element – no specific mass and weight. it’s ironic that you never play consoles, because whenever you feel like it you hit the reset button, and it’s back to stage one. that is why it wouldn’t matter, even if mario would stomp the green turtle for a hundred lives, he would still end up in stage one.


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