A Tale of two Trucks

A Tale of two Trucks

SEPTEMBER 16, 2007

Subliminal initialized.

This could be one of those days when everything is against me. It feels like a punisher guarding me, ready to hit me on the slightest movement, with a whip embedded with bad luck spikes. All my faculties are malfunctioning, what’s left of my common sense is not enough to push the alt key when Mortred is not around. The way my mind veers from the topic at hand is similar to the way a pedestrian avoids a taong grasa, minus the stink eye of course. Just observe the title of this entry and tell me what you think, but don’t tell me the naming is similar to a popular book by Charles Dickens – I already know that.

Probably the single most influential invention ever to create the largest impact on man’s life is the automobile. Sedans, coupes, light trucks(pick-up), SUV’s, and any wheeled contraption that man utilizes to transport himself belongs in this category. We Pinoys are no different from other nationalities, our fascination with cars even surpass other nationalities’ interest with cars. We even prioritize them over some basic necessities like shelter. I know a couple of punks with a smooth ride with dilapidated houses, or even rent an apartment. This is a free world and I don’t have an ounce of right to meddle with these issues but I just saying that we should be careful in choosing our priorities.

I am a frustrated mechanical engineer. (Flashback commencing) As a kid in his early years, me and some friends always end up fighting over whose design is the niftiest. Every toy I owned ended up as junk after a few days of tinkering. I remember when I was 5 I screwed my sister’s new watch, which was a present from my dad, literally. It was probably the shortest life span a watch ever experienced. Remote control toy cars end up as amphibious vehicles. My imagination even took me and my contraptions as close as hell’s doorstep, and oh yeah that was stupid. In our house, anything mechanical with screws is marked as endangered specie.


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