What drives a man to steal?

What drives a man to steal?

SEPTEMBER 26, 2007

The answer would depend greatly on the person concerned. Probably, a child would reason out he was pressured by his friends: a mere initiation by doing an act of stupidity to prove him worthy of their company. An under paid employee would be forced to take supplies and sell them, or do a little “abracadabra” on the cash register to make ends meet. Politicians have it in their genes, plain and simple, no explanation required. Mr. Ocean was driven by his love for Tess. While on a simpler side, Lupin simply loves the chase, the rush he gets from duping the Detective every episode amounts to a day in Nirvana.

If you feel that he above given reasons are quite superficial, then we’ll get along fine. I hope to see you at the crossroads someday and have an exchange of memory cards. The primary reason is quite obvious and it is very evident nowadays, even your local junk shop boy can attest to that. Stripped electrical wires, someone’s welding machine, someone’s shovel, and anything strange to be sold as junk are common in junk shops today. They have become the new haven for thieves, an outlet to small time money laundering.

I found the idea amusing at first, but as the thieving bastards expanded their operations reaching as far as our own backyard I realized that this matter is far serious than I thought. Deeply rooted in poverty and hunger, fertilized by corruption in the government, and watered by misguided priorities – this tree of broken dreams drains the life out our society.

Got any plans? Just like everyone else, I don’t.

“Why do people have to starve when there’s enough food to feed the world?” – Tracy Chapman.


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