OCTOBER 16, 2007

I have been looking carefully at the mirror, and each time your reflection seems to fade lighter. The gentle smile that has always made my day looks like a frown. Your hands are no longer chained unto mine. I can breathe easier now without the emotional load you imposed on me. Those eyes that used to shine like a supernova are now devoid of light, like a dying planet ready to meld with the darkness. That body that used to send sparks throughout my system – heightening my pheromones and turning me to a sex crazed fool, is now just another silhouette in the backdrop ready to disappear as the lights go out.

I am just a man.

Whenever I let people down or fail to meet their expectations, I always comfort myself by looking for a reason as to why I arrived in such a dreadful situation. However, I do things in my own selfish way, and naturally no one deserves the blame but me. If there is one thing that baffles me, it is why we repeatedly do wrong stuff even though they would bear terrible consequences. Well I guess the greatest paradox is not boredom, but us as sentient beings. Nowhere could you find anything so contradictory. Wherein the source of our strength is the same the reason for our downfall. Wherein pieces of our imperfections perfectly fit the maze of life. Wherein we work so hard to build a better life yet goes into a fit destroys everything in a blink of an eye.

We are only humans.

For as long as I can remember, this phrase has always been my excuse. So what’s yours


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