MAY 2, 2008

When I was a kid all I wanted was a computer, now all I want is to have my life back. I have become overly dependent on the internet, whether at work or at home and even at play! While others can’t live without a cell phone, I can’t live without a computer connected to the internet. I could have lived my childhood dream of becoming an artist, wielding the brush against the canvass, creating masterpieces, delighting the sense of sight and stimulating the mind. I could have lived my childhood dream of becoming a musician, spindling words against notes subtle enough to send you in a trance, yet loud enough to wake the hardened conscience – let it be. Having the excuse to act weird, and get away with it is too much of a consolation.

It is not in my nature to be technical; I am always inclined at the creative side, appreciating what is over the hood before looking what’s under the hood. I admire people who can be both technical and artistic at the same time. It is a rare gift. I’m from Pampanga and I studied in UST, and people from both parties are funned of making gigantic Christmas Trees during the Holidays, so let’s take the giant Christmas Tree building project as an example. Let’s say Thomasians are the purely artistic group and the Kapampangans are the purely technical group. If a group of Thomasians were to build a giant Christmas tree, it would collapse against the slightest Brisa, making the football field look like Kuya Germ’s dance floor without the confetti. I’m sure the rector would go berserk without the confetti. Looking at the Kapampangan’s Christmas tree, it is sturdy and well structured, only it looks like an oversized pine tree fromBaguio.

What have we learned here today? None!