Aircon and Obama

Aircon and Obama

NOVEMBER 4, 2008

Aircon and Obama

What a historical day today, for me and Obama. After 24 years I finally had my room installed with an air conditioning unit, courtesy of my parents of course. For Obama, his election as the first black president of America will earn a notable place in history, consuming one or two pages of history books plus another page if it includes a picture of him with his vice-president. I’ll bet my bottom peso that someone from Hollywood would decide to make a film about his triumphant battle against “Mad-dog” McCain, making it the inspirational movie for that year. And for all of us a win situation, the looming threat of having two retards, McCain and Plain in the White House is finally over. Matt Damon can breathe easy, now that Palin’s view over dinosaurs that existed thousands of years ago doesn’t matter. This calls for a celebration, doesn’t it? Whatever may be your intention, it’s your decision.

I lost my wallet to a pick-pocket last Friday, and my life with it. Whoever took my wallet, I hope you really needed the money. I admire your skills but it would be better if you could apply them in a creative way.  With those stealthy hands of yours you can win a Naruto seal contest at a cosplay.

Thank you for all the support I’m getting on!


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