JULY 20, 2009

For a small family, we sure know how to hit the high decibel mark. The noise we produce at a typical family dinner is equal to ten individuals having a conversation at a restobar. I noticed this while I was walking along Metrowalk in Ortigas. It reminded me of the time when sister returned home for a three-week vacation here in the Philippines last April.  After her three year stay at the U.S. of A (pronounced: at di yuuues ov eia), she hasn’t changed that much except for a little weight gain. After an hour of waiting in the upper bird cage waiting area, I saw this ponytailed girl sporting our signature family walk in the CCTV camera. There she was, just like the last time I saw her – my beloved sister in the flesh after three years.

It’s never quite enough and no less than tough – seeing us together again in one roof, and not think about the old days when a gathering around the dinner table was a weekly event. Dad didn’t even have to call me twice to set up the diner table. We were together again, at last. Thinking about it made me more convinced that there is nothing better than being a part of a happy family.

Our house was once again our home, and our home has never felt this warm in years. The lights were just right and the bed a little softer. The food was a lot better; dad didn’t have to tell me thrice to wash the dishes. I didn’t have to call the neighbor’s cats to eat our leftovers. We wore a sunshine smile each day, the four of us. We knew that part of our happiness was attributed to her success despite the ill economy in the US.

Although the blazing sun of the Holy Week is at full blast, the weather has never been better. Cruising to-and-fro Quezon City and Pampanga was smoother, especially when I’m listening to my favorite tunes using my sister’s ipod – which will be staying with me permanently. Nyahahahaha!

I am also thankful to my brother-in-law, Kevin, for giving this Mac computer which I’m using right now. The function keys and other keys are a little confusing but I’m getting the hang of it. Please don’t hesitate to give me another Mac when the new model comes out next year. I promise to take very good care of it and have it occupy the best spot in my room.