Slowdown on the Highway

Slowdown on the Highway

DECEMBER 28, 2009

Speed not only kills, but it also bills.  Approximately one thousand and three hundred pesos when you are caught over speeding on the North Diversion Road (NLEX).  It’s definitely not worth the momentary rush that the speed can bring during the journey. Moreover, a whole day wasted claiming your license at the LTO central office amplifies the damage.

I don’t care whether funds collected from traffic violation tickets are really appropriated for the improvement of our roads. My concern is the consistency of the officers conducting these arrests. I have been regularly driving over the 100Kph limit for a couple of years now, and last December 7, 2009 was the first time I was flagged due to over speeding. Why now? (Beats me.)

Several other vehicles were obviously guilty of over speeding due to the fact that they overtook me. Why flag only me? (This is just plain crazy.)

On the positive side, I increased my lifespan by being conscious of the 100Kph limit whenever I take the NLEX, thus lessening the probability of getting an accident caused by over speeding.

Power overwhelming

Type: Direct Injection, 4-Cylinder In-Line, DOHC 16 Valve, Variable Nozzle Turbo with Intercooler

Displacement: 3000 cc

Maximum Output: 163HP @ 3,400 RPM

Transmission: Gate-Type, 4-Speed Automatic


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