Birthday on a Sunday

Birthday on a Sunday

Having your birthday on the Sabbath Day beats any day you can possible have your birthday. Although I have to drive 94 Kilometers after a 10 hour shift from 12 midnight to 10 am, it was worth it.


Lessons from Toyota

The long silence of auto–industry giant Toyota, over the issue of a recall of more than 5 million of its vehicles, shows how typical Japanese would react when facing a dire predicament. It reminds me of my previous boss Harada-san, whose silence always scared the crap out of me. Silence that looms like mysterious clouds over our small office keeps me guessing whether to expect a rainy or sunny day. When working with the Japanese, expect to heighten your sensitivity level in order to avoid falling prey to “something is wrong but I don’t have even a tiny clue,” feeling. After working for several companies with different cultures, I came to realize the value of this silence and how it should be understood. It is positive silence that you must allow to seep into every minuscule pore of your body. Just as the Karate kid would stand silently and slowly shoo mosquitoes with epileptic hand movements, let it in you like Gatorade. But seriously, it is how one will realize the slightest tension over the cloak of silence that envelopes you. This will be your Doppler  radar telling you whether to bring an umbrella or not. Silence is respect. Instead of shouting and pointing fingers when something goes terribly wrong at the workplace, my Japanese boss’s silence saves us the humiliation from our peers. It gives ourselves a chance to evaluate our mistakes, from inside and out, and repair the problem before it gets worse. Treat others with respect and they will show the same respect to you, that is part of the silence. I am forever indebted to Harada-san for showing me the Japanese clubs with bikini clad teens near Pasay Oops! What I meant was the honor he had shown me even though I flunked the PhilNits exam more than once. At the brink of our separation, he never demanded even a centavo in return for a hundred thousand pesos worth of scholarship he invested in me. Let me say this again, boss. Thank you.

Toyota is smart enough to employ this method on the predicament they are facing. Smart enough to evaluate the complexity of the recall, its effects and its magnitude before releasing any premature statements that might tarnish its reputation as the number one car manufacturer.

Not Just Flowers

After more than a month of working here in Just Flowers, I can say that it is indeed more than just flowers. Because they also add chocolates and teddy bears for a few dollars. Then, everything else is geared towards the glorification of flowers and their groupies. A group of 15 developers in the process of re-encoding an antiquated access CRM to a modern web based CRM, some graphic artists  brewing up some fancy sites. In a few days, it will be crunch time, the season of valentines. It is like the holy week of this company, 400 seats are rented out for a few weeks just to accommodate the influx of orders due the season. I am supposed to make sure that all systems are go and up and running, likeVoltron, to prepare for the upcoming battle. My fellow techs will be assigned in the rented out space, and I will be left here in the main base. I am also expecting that the there will be a lot of problems due to system overload, as my fellow techs keep telling me ever since day one.

Movie: Zombieland

Movie: Zombieland

If you are a smart-ass person who likes to shoot smart-ass lines, Zombieland is the movie for you. The main character follows the geeky type, smart talking, and obsessive compulsive stereotype. The movie tells the story of four people who crossed paths in a world plague by a virus which turns people into, yes you’ve guessed it, zombies. With no place to go, and a herd of zombies wanting to chew their carcass off, they were forced to stick together out of everyone’s dislike.

Not much of a story to keep a viewer up on his feet. It was a good thing the two main characters had a lot of personal issues for the story to drag upon. Predictable as yesterday’s weather, I dozed off a couple of times while watching this movie. If not for the supporting character “Tallahassee” played by Woody Harrelson, which by the way is the only character in the cast that I have seen in recent movies, you would definitely think that Zombieland was created by zombies themselves, devoid of any imagination or artistic reason.


Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee

Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus

Emma Stone as Wichita

Abigail Breslin as Little Rock


88 min

Likable Quotes that struck me:

Don’t make yourself too available – Tallahassee

You see? You just can’t trust anyone. The first girl I let into my life and she tries to eat me. – Columbus

You see, that’s why I don’t let people close, you only get burned. – Tallahassee

Slow as a bus traversing Edsa-Cubao on a rush hour, I’m taking my time.

Slow as a bus traversing Edsa-Cubao on a rush hour, I’m taking my time.

Time when you and I are trapped by its hands, sharing the night’s prime.

Strafing left and right, I’m avoiding trouble.

Trouble that never fails to catch me, every time these emotions bubble.

I’m lost, I am always lost.

Lost in this chain of frost, the cold night bounds its host.

Crawl before I walk, walk before I run and run before I fly, my mother says.

But this burning fire deep within me shall never accept anything less.

Make it last, make it or break it – I want you when I feel the loneliest.

One last time, make my riffs on this old guitar linger on your black forest.

Hey girl, feel the pleasure and drop the pain.

What a night it has been, till next time, see you on the next train.


Kung wala ka

Kung wala ka – reposted link from my old blog.

FEBRUARY 25, 2007

Kasabay ng pagsara ng pintuan ng kwarto ang pag luha ng langit. Ang maghapong kulimlim ay humatong sa nakabibinging tagatak ng tubig sa lumang yero. Ilang araw naring mainit at mahalumigmig ang hangin. Kapara ng damdaming mabuway, sa bawat pintig ng puso bumibilis ang daloy ng dugo. Nasan ka kapag kailangan kita?

Kamusta kana? – kaysarap sambitin ang mga katagang sandamukal ang ibig ipahiwatig. Sa harap ng birhen, ako’y mistulang asong may rabis. Halimuyak na sumisiid sa kaibuturan ng pandama at  ang ngiting pumukaw sa nahihimbing na damdamin – kailan ko kaya muling masisislayan? Sino nga ba ang hindi mababaliw sa panahong ipinagkait? Ngunit sa aking katinuan ako’y bumabalik, kapag ang tinig mo’y narinig.

Tang ina naman. Di na ako natuto. Permanent ink na naman ang pinansulat ko sa puting pisara. Teka, walang koneksyon pero meron. Parang masaya na malungkot. Kontento pero may kulang. Maayos pero pangit. Nasaan ka kapag kailangan kita? Hinihintay ko ang pag baba ng birhen sa pedestal, para tuklasin ang misteryong bumabalot.  Habang ang iba’y magkayakap sa ilalim ng  pulang silaw, sa dilim ako’y naghihintay. Brownout.

Blog doesn’t get traffic from search engines.

Eighteen days after starting this WordPress blog, I haven’t got any traffic from search engine results. After a bit of research, I found that Webmaster Tools can be utilized to increase the chance of gaining traffic from the big 3 search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

This link contains detailed instructions on how to manipulate the way search engine looks at your site. Used properly, Webmaster Tools can generate a lot of traffic for your site/blog. I am going to try these steps tonight and will give feedback after a month.

Mane and trimmed

tang: nak, paurud naka. makaba neh ing bwak mu.
jom: eku pa bisang paurud. bisa kung magpakaba bwak.
tang: emu bage ing makabang bwak, believe me nak.
jom: wapen, tang ita pin ing point ku. bisa kung mika mysterious look. tas manyulud kung glassess para astig.
tang: nak, ali naka man genius at high IQ para mag makanta. pag genius mu ing look ayta.
jom: hays, o sige na pin. paurud ku after ning bertday ku. goodbye to my i don’t care if i’m a geek look.

Take me away

Take me away

JANUARY 16, 2007

last saturday, i was on my way home when a slipper hit me. well, not actually close but it slammed full force on the hood. i’m not really sure what brand it was but it  resembled those old bandolino slippers, and boy! it was heavy. it happened in the middle of the night when all establishments and restos along the stretch of visayas avenue are already closed. it was one of those moments where you wished you were home sleeping on your bed, and dreaming of your crush. but the appeal of Dota never seems to fade and time flew by unnoticed in my friends apartment in Up. okay, now we are officially Dota addicts. f@ck! bane elemental – for life!

as i went to a stop, fear took over the cockpit. my hands were unable to react and for all i know death was within striking distance. the monstrous noise of the diesel engine seem to form a strange rhythm, like one of those background sound effects used in suspense movies. the kind that would flush out childhood thoughts: i thought about how i associated peebo of bioman with peabo bryson. i also realized that marco sison did not come to a resolution whether to pick either aida or lorna or fe.