360 degrees of fireworks.

As the clock ticks near midnight, the sky turns into a parade of lights. Fireworks, dancing in the night sky, bring a magnificent view from atop of this building in Shaw Boulevard. Myriad of colors scintillate my eyes, my jaw literally came off its hinges when quasar-like fireworks tidbits came close to me in a 10 meter radius. This is way better than Urbandub making the city lights shine like diamonds. I was tempted to grab my phone to record a short clip, but several guys beat me to it first. I thought my mom would be interested on how millions of pesos are burned into the night sky in city fashion. But my non-conformist side made me stood unaffected by the fascinating 360 degrees of fireworks on every corner of this open area. On the red corner, Makati-Pasay the reigning champion on fireworks display versus the blue corner, Roxas-Moa area is showing some potential.

Making the city sky shine like supernova.

It wasn’t that bad. My first time in 25 years to spend the New Year outside the calm branches of our town in the province was gentle reminder that I am getting old. I have work to do and it’s not your typical  nine to five job with regular holidays. Recently, my dad joked about calling me “Peping” instead of the more childish “Jom-jom”  after my 26th birthday this month. He said it will remind me that I am an adult now. I guess he was serious this time because he even came up with a name. Changing names, especially nicknames, is like changing your religion with Final Fantasy-like summoning of Knights of the Round with all the effects and sideshow. A holistic transformation involving the mind and spirit – Am I ready? With  a lot of effort and reading last year, hopefully I will be able to focus my mind on one thing before jumping into the next. Although I am not regular consumer, I discovered that beer helps me when I get too hyper and sometimes as a sleeping aide.

History repeats itself.

A few minutes before New Year’s Eve of January 2007 I started my first post under my account, which is In the same tradition, just a few minutes before New Year’s Eve of 2010, the same force prompted me to create another one here on WordPress. I hope it won’t suffer the same fate as my account just as I hoped before during my first post back in 2007. But if that were to happen, then History wont repeat itself.


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