JANUARY 8, 2007

The weather has been strange lately. Whether its El Nino or La Nina or the combination of both, I think it is far more serious than it seems and people should really be conscious about this phenomenon. I attribute my stuffy nose to the abrupt changes in weather. One minute the sun is on your eyes, and next you’re blaming yourself for not buying one of those cute foldable umbrellas. I got mine – a blue one, though I always forget it. Abrupt climate change was hardly an issue a few years ago, but now its beginning to be a problem for us. Now the future is unfolding right before our eyes. Since I started school I haven’t been able to watch a lot of news. But a few weeks ago, If I can still remember correctly the details of Ilong ni Mike Enriquez’ report. It says that Canada’s Arctic ice and permafrost are disappearing. And in our very own home in South-East Asia it came to us in the form of lethal storms and floods. I think no one in UP-ITTC would ever forget about Reming?

Just to end this post  (ITTC peeps are complaining about falling asleep while reading watashi no blogu).

I hope that the media would rally the need for awareness not only on abnormal weather but also our responsibility to mother nature. There is only one planet that can foster life, earth as of today, and blatant disregard for it would have dire implications. I can read your mind right now and you’re thinking how cliche the previous sentence was. To hell with what you think, I’m just here to express my opinion. It would be just a matter of time before its too late. I hope the future myriad of gadgets will not only include Wii’s and PSP’s that simulate anything from war games to rpgs but something to simulate nature’s best scenes; at this rate of pollution there won’t be nothing to play with if our world crumbles.

Ja, Owarimashita.


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