Hewlet-Packard Fail

Worry no more my fellow HP victims. It is not too late to revive your HP Pavilion laptops, if you still have your old HP Laptops, particularly the series hit with the no display on boot up factory defect, I commend you for overcoming the rage to throw it in front of the Hewlett-Packard Building lobby in Ayala Avenue. If you have time to spare please check this link on youtube. This video gives you step by step directions to fix your HP laptop. It is an awfully daunting task, but it works! Please thank the video uploader if this helps you.


  1. No spare 8K Php to have your laptop fixed in a repair shop in Greenhills, San Juan.
  2. Patience (believe me you need a lot of it)
  3. Time (one day at least)
  4. Video Instructions (Click here)
  5. Heat Sink Liquid
  6. Philips Screwdriver
  7. 200 Watts light bulb
  8. 10 Cent coin
  9. Spare towel



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