Looks Too Obvious: Mean Machine

LTO License Incubator

Mean Machine

Lo and behold the source of all Philippine Driver’s License! It is time to meet your creator, the root of all road scandals and bribery. Imagine all the big fuss about little laminated cards this machine produces. Pocket slashing fines, mock exams and half-baked classroom discussions that bore you to death, all for the sake of the mighty blue card. It came to me  that our LTO branch office in Guagua , Pampanga doesn’t have this printing machine because people have to return after a few weeks to claim their new license.

LTO Renewal

It was a good thing I brought my iPod, the half-day processing could be fatal. Death by boredom. I was able to finish 4 episodes of Supernatural coupled with some soft-porn I got from a shared folder at the office. I laughed so hard after discovering a hidden folder “Ultimate Collection,” after I found out it was a collection of you know what. If you feel a little friendly, you could start a conversation with your seatmate by complaining how long the process to renew or acquire your license. Or you could be a rarity by bringing a book. Yes, a book!  Like the one seated on my left. I think he was reading “The Partnership: The Making of Goldman Sachs.”  It was my first time to see someone actually bring a book on the license renewal pit, surprisingly, he even read it while waiting. “Wow genius,” I told myself. Hehehehe!

Looks Too Obvious: LTO

I was surprised that LTO centralized the drug testing process. The official clinic is located on the second floor of the Chowking Building. It was a pleasant experience if you ask me. Way better than the shanties across the road last 3 years ago (labo-labo and bara-bara). Since there was actually a licensed Doctor and a Med-tech at the center, you’ll feel more comfortable. The doctor was quite friendly too; she even told me that we live near each other upon seeing my profile. And around 9:30 PM last night there was a shooting near Visayas Avenue, which was the main road when going to our abodes. “Lumaban kasi yung mga loko kaya ayun patay sila,” she snapped.


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