LTO RFID gets pushed back.

I saw this one coming several miles away. The Supreme Court pushed back LTO’s RFID wagon due to privacy issues. Although the technology upgrade can really benefit us motorists in so many ways. The implementation of RFID on our beloved streets was nothing but shady from the start. Out of nowhere, some big fish over at the LTO suddenly decided to implement RFID here in the Philippines.  More than the privacy issue RFID is being questioned for, we Pinoys should also ask if this came through proper bidding channels. Were other IT firms given the fair chance to bid for the project? Who gave the go signal for RFID to be implemented by a non-licensed IT firm such as Stradcom? Were there case studies involved? Why charge Php300 for every RFID sticker? This technology is nothing new and it shouldn’t be that expensive. When I lost my RFID badge for our data center, I was required to pay Php100, which is a one third the price of LTO RFID stickers. I have faith that LTO has good intentions of making the vehicle registration process efficient with the use of RFID. However, it should provide some answers to some of these basic questions above.


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