Take me away

Take me away

JANUARY 16, 2007

last saturday, i was on my way home when a slipper hit me. well, not actually close but it slammed full force on the hood. i’m not really sure what brand it was but it  resembled those old bandolino slippers, and boy! it was heavy. it happened in the middle of the night when all establishments and restos along the stretch of visayas avenue are already closed. it was one of those moments where you wished you were home sleeping on your bed, and dreaming of your crush. but the appeal of Dota never seems to fade and time flew by unnoticed in my friends apartment in Up. okay, now we are officially Dota addicts. f@ck! bane elemental – for life!

as i went to a stop, fear took over the cockpit. my hands were unable to react and for all i know death was within striking distance. the monstrous noise of the diesel engine seem to form a strange rhythm, like one of those background sound effects used in suspense movies. the kind that would flush out childhood thoughts: i thought about how i associated peebo of bioman with peabo bryson. i also realized that marco sison did not come to a resolution whether to pick either aida or lorna or fe.


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