Mane and trimmed

tang: nak, paurud naka. makaba neh ing bwak mu.
jom: eku pa bisang paurud. bisa kung magpakaba bwak.
tang: emu bage ing makabang bwak, believe me nak.
jom: wapen, tang ita pin ing point ku. bisa kung mika mysterious look. tas manyulud kung glassess para astig.
tang: nak, ali naka man genius at high IQ para mag makanta. pag genius mu ing look ayta.
jom: hays, o sige na pin. paurud ku after ning bertday ku. goodbye to my i don’t care if i’m a geek look.

4 thoughts on “Mane and trimmed

  1. hahaha. i seriously enjoyed reading this. im not that fluent with my kapampangan. and i admit the 90% of the words here are words i dont really know. but surprsing enough, how the words were arranged gave me an idea what this post meant…

    anong gupit mo na ngayon?


    • hi! taga san ka sa pampanga? salamat sa pagbasa sa walang katuturang post ko :-). long hair parin ako ngayon pero sa after my birthday this end of january, i will be forced to have my hair go under the razor.


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