Not Just Flowers

After more than a month of working here in Just Flowers, I can say that it is indeed more than just flowers. Because they also add chocolates and teddy bears for a few dollars. Then, everything else is geared towards the glorification of flowers and their groupies. A group of 15 developers in the process of re-encoding an antiquated access CRM to a modern web based CRM, some graphic artists  brewing up some fancy sites. In a few days, it will be crunch time, the season of valentines. It is like the holy week of this company, 400 seats are rented out for a few weeks just to accommodate the influx of orders due the season. I am supposed to make sure that all systems are go and up and running, likeVoltron, to prepare for the upcoming battle. My fellow techs will be assigned in the rented out space, and I will be left here in the main base. I am also expecting that the there will be a lot of problems due to system overload, as my fellow techs keep telling me ever since day one.


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