Fan Page, Anyone?

Facebook Fan Pages

Even at my infrequent visits to Facebook, I noticed that several oddball fan pages are luring a lot of my friends into joining them. I had to admit that at first, they were nothing but ridiculous and obscure. They had no sense of value, merely resting on the whim of the author. Simple events, common occurrences, common activities, and anything common than a commoner’s routine becomes a fan page. Everything changed when I dared to click one of the fan pages and started skimming through the long list of comments. Like on YouTube, anything goes on the comment box. In your face cruel comments or killer one liner, you name it darling. It starts getting better as you read from oldest to recent comments. Honestly, I was quite entertained with the exchanged of comments. Here are some fan pages with notable exchange of comments that I tripped on.

I wouldn’t rely on this guy’s stock knowledge even if he had the last stock on earth:


Some are just plain bitter:



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