Eyes of a Stranger

Your restless eyes they wander and they tell me a new story. Above anything I can understand off the wall, this one confuses me. I have everything configured; suddenly your shadow appears and shatters the very foundation of my beliefs. Sounds crazy? Yes, definitely.

One more time, tell me your story like you are writing on a clean piece of paper. Let every word and every sentence, every paragraph and every chapter be coded and unfolded. Slowly coming close to your orbit, gradually becoming part of your world,  I can already hear the thunderous roars crackling in your jealous skies.

You don’t listen and that is your greatest problem. Believe it or not, there are some instances that I thought you can change the world, or grope a killer riff as sweet as sweet child of mine. I know I am expecting too much for your attention but believe me I have no cruel intentions. You are just a goth chick inside the MRT, and I am the person across.


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