It takes a Rocket Scientist, After all

After the US Government scrapped a Space Project to Mars, K.R. Sidhar’s invention had practically reached a dead end. Like Skis on a tropical country, a device that can produce oxygen in the Martian terrain is useless here on earth. Unfazed by the setback, he reengineered his invention and instead of producing oxygen it produced electrical energy.

According to Sidhar, one tiny box can power several Asian houses. When it is too good to be true, it has got to be too good to be true until you see for yourself. But the first few customers who have tried this Bloom Box have a lot to say. Google, eBay, Staples, Coke, Fed Ex, Bank of America and Walmart, just to name a few, have been using Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box since last year. According to them, they have cut their power expenses by half and are happy with the technology. Moreover, they have reduced their carbon footprint by half, which means less contribution to the Green House Effect. The dynamics of this phenomenal product can be view in the CNN website.

If we can look at the positive side that this technological development and implement it in time, there is still hope for us.


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