Awkward Silence

While discussing multiple DHCP scopes in tandem with ip-helper command on the NetVanta 3448 Router with our CTO.

CTO: I was under the impression that each subnet would have its own DHCP server.

Me: Nope. Only one. Works on Cisco in tandem with 2003 Servers.

CTO: Okay… Will it work on NetVanta?

Me: It should. It’s just a theory but theoretically it should work. Right?

Awkward silence follows…


2 thoughts on “Awkward Silence

    • actually it worked, but not fully. only one subnet (vlan) is getting a lease on the DHCP server. which is also the subnet which the DHCP server is under. for example:

      DHCP server only 10.10.55.X subnet is getting a lease. when you change the subnet of the DHCP server to go under other scopes like then 10.10.65.X can now get a lease but it leaves 10.10.55.X not getting any lease from the scopes.

      note: intervlan routing is enabled using ip routing.

      what gives?


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