Less steps, less hassle

I was surprised to learn about an “Inspection Phase” while renewing my truck’s registration for this year. This final step, before the actual renewal your vehicle’s registration, is supposed to determine the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Since it was my first time to renew in the LTO Main Office, I comforted myself with the notion that this phase is not required in the renewal process among Regional Offices, which I was accustomed to.

To my astonishment, the inspector went as far as checking the lights and the wipers, not even bothering to pop the hood to inspect what’s down there. The Inspection Bay was festooned with state of the art testing equipment but all they can do is test my damn headlights. It is like using the Large Hadron Collider to spin dry clothes. Then the idea struck me, which took a while to sink in – what would I expect after doing an 11 hour shift. Is this another legal ploy to extort money from motorists? Moreover, it doesn’t make sense to pay money to a third party smoke emission testing center when there are smoke emission test machines sitting idly on the Inspection Bay. Come on, what gives? Why can’t they just centralize the whole testing process to include the smoke emission test? In this way, motorists could save time and money. Before the actual registration process which cost around 2,300 Php, I had already paid 960 Php for TPL and another 415 Php for the smoke emission testing fee. The worst part is that you have to wait a minimum of 2 hours to have them inspect your vehicle and release your papers. I never knew that checking the lights and brakes could take as long 2 hours. Only here in my beloved country, I guess.


2 thoughts on “Less steps, less hassle

  1. did u know that they are undergoing ISO accreditation? i believe they are on the last stage already. how come the system is still ‘bulok’? anyways, ang pogi mu tlaga papa. 🙂


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