Awkward Silence 2

It is 30 minutes past 1 am and we are in the wake of a fiber break affecting one of our outgoing links, leaving a single point of failure for outgoing voice calls. The shift lead, which was a voice engineer, has a flight bound to Manila at 5 am. My shift starts at 10pm and ends at 7am. His shift ended at 11pm, without hesitating this zealous fella carried the task of coordinating the implications of the fiber break to the different business heads. Tired and weary he turned to me asking a little favor:

Voice guy: Are you awake around 5am?

Me: Ah…. (is this a trick question?)

Voice guy: I have a favor.

Me: Sure sir! What is it? (does he know I sleep after he goes off?)

Voice guy: Can you call me around 5am? If it is okay.

Me: No problem, Sir! (what the heck was that? My shift ends at 7am so it follows I should be awake.)

Voice guy: Thanks, Joms!

Me: No worries, Sir!

Awkward silence follows…



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