Some Things

Hi Tang,

How are you and Ma? It’s been two months since I started my quest turned exile. Although it’s my first time to live away from the confines of our house, I was quick to adapt the independent life.  It was how I expected it, a lot less comfortable than living in our house in the province or in Manila. The things that I have gotten used to like clean clothes right out of my closet, a sturdy truck for cruising, and food patiently waiting on the dinner table, made my first week of living quite hard. I felt like I was a chain smoker who woke up one day only to find out that all the cigarettes in the world had suddenly disappeared. Having poor time management skills made it even harder. I am not whining, but rather thankful for allowing me to take this detour. After the first week, I had perfected the art of living alone.

I am on my own but my eyes are open.

The number of days that I spent living away from home is directly proportional to the new things I learned. Some things that I already thought I knew were proven wrong. Some things I’m beginning to learn are things that an average person in his mid 20’s should know by now. In the process of things, it became clear to me why some things in the past didn’t work out and how some things worked out perfectly.

 I should be back soon, hopefully before July. Clearly, I won’t be around on Father’s Day this coming June 20 to greet you personally. Like the way I missed Mother’s Day, and how I waived my right to suffrage last May 10. And yes, for the nth time, I won’t be bringing a pregnant girl with me when I return home. Stop worrying about it too much.

Your only son,



2 thoughts on “Some Things

  1. uhhh… ang sweet. sayang wala pang pregnant girl. hehe.

    db nde mo first time mabuhay mag-isa? db mag0isa ka lang nung sa tarlac? 🙂

    namimiss ka din daw ba nila? hehe. joke lang. ingat ka.


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