it wasn’t my intention
to flail towards your direction
it must be some incantation
that triggered my locomotion

now i’m trapped in your orbit
and you have become my habit
the harder i try to fight it
i find myself crawling to your pit

i went through all this trouble
just for you to burst my bubble
and my world starts to crumble
losing my way through the rubble

-mang jose


A Puro Dolor

I watched in horror as my neighbor’s ‘linksys’ wireless access point prompted me for a network key. Shaking my head in disbelief, I let out a deep sigh with matching “hay kanu,” that can rival usher’s OMG. There were no words, nothing on Webster’s online dictionary could describe what I felt. I never thought losing a 3MB link free ride to the internet could cause this much grief. I need to accept that the two years of unconditional packet exchange has met its bitter end. And now I have to bid farewell to jaw dropping download speeds and welcome my own 768kbs link with open arms.

My relationship with the following sites have been tainted since you dumped me:

Demonoid  – All those lonely nights you got me through, I would never forget.

Pirate Bay – You have stolen my heart, simply put. – Window shopping, literally.

Redtube – For helping me subdue these raging hormones, I’ll save the last drop.