Pedal to the metal, skull to the hull

After seeing the SLEX in 20 video viral, I expected the local cyber scene to be flooded with related virals from speed thirsty maniacs. I was so sure that every time I went online, I scoured the local intewebz to find related virals, but each time I failed. I was hoping that it would spark a revolution among Pinoy speed freaks. Pedal to the metal, skull to the hull. I imagined all major roads would have a version, and each city and town would have their own as well. It took two months to sink inside my thick skull that I was wrong. But what caused the failure of the impending speed revolution remains a mystery. We have the cars and the roads. Could it be the drivers with enough balls? The worst part is that I actually thought of uploading my speed thrill in NLEX if I ever had it on video.  It would clearly suggest that people in the Philippines would rather upload their sex videos with drugged girls rather than upload speed thrill videos on public roads. It doesn’t make sense even at a perverted level.

This morning, I did a little research on the driver/uploader of the SLEX in 20 viral, hoping that he would have a line-up of other related speed videos under his belt. I found myself skimming through his blog and FB account. He died last October 3, 2010 due to a road accident in SLEX. He was over speeding when his front tire blew out making his Civic FD spin out of control. I got to admit that I like the guy’s attitude. I’d rather die pursuing something I believe in than die of old age in my death bed.  Not much of a surprise there even if it were all true, who knows if all that crap circulating in the local cyber scene about him is true. The interwebz can be so cruel, look at YouTube for example. A teenage girl uploads a video of their slumber party, fully clothed and no sexual undertones, but look down on the comments below. All sorts of perverted comments and your guess are as good as mine. May the god of cyber space help us.

In honor to the SLEX monster, here is one of his blog posts:

(Hermes) May the god of safe travel help me from speed maniacs like me.