Although things became bleak with the Engineering department, I tried not to lose interest in my job. My reason of all reason for working hard as a NOC sped another light-year away. 😦


Four Pattie

Not that I couldn’t live without you, but three years won’t be easy to forget. You were my habit, and you said I was your highlight. Even if we let “us” down oh so many times, it wouldn’t fit in your organizer, we gave “us” another go. Eventually we ran out of fuel and “us” stalled midway through the  journey.

I’m wondering what you are doing now on this cold December night. Perhaps thinking about not thinking about me? Indulge me for the final time, drown me in the river of conceit and envelope me with flames of your desire. It was not all for nothing those three years, either those three words.


Watching too much TV would deteriorate your brain, according to my Father. So I stopped watching TV after the the Darna series starred by the goddess Angel Locsin back in 2005. For those who know Angel, this would not require further explanation.

Lately I am starting to get hooked watching TV series – like Chuck, but not from the boob tube. I watch these series from my portable player or laptop, the .avi files courtesy of friends and co-workers, for Love of sharing. My father forgot to add that watching too much downloaded American TV series would alter your concept of reality.

Today, I woke up feeling like a spy. Makes me wonder I never knew any Asian spy. Anyway, I boot my Mac which runs Microsoft OS and entered my spy credentials to gain access to my secret mission for today. I slipped on a watch, which I haven’t done since Alberto Gamos stole my Timex Ironman watch back in grade-school, pretending it has a radio transmitter and a mini-taser. I tested it on the stray cat just to be sure it is operational. It was a bad Idea because cat shit was all over the place. Alberto Gamos, you son of a bitch, I haven’t forgiven myself for sitting still in high school, pretending nothing is wrong each time I see you basking in the glory of my Timex Ironman with Indiglo watch.

I put on my suit pretending to be deliriously handsome and charming. Looking at the mirror I said, “the name is Bond, Joms Bond.” I was dressed to kill but I had second thoughts on trying my new spiel on Country Style chick near our office. I was afraid I would not be able to use their microwave, that means I have to walk 200 meters to use the official microwave in the pantry.

I put on my dad’s cole-haan with nike air sole in case I have to jump off a train, pretending the nike air-sole can guarantee me a clean landing so I won’t have to get my suit dry cleaned after the mission. Then I realized I was running late and needed to drive to work now.

Walk the Leak

The internet has done it again. This time with shocking, factual, and downloadable evidence. The bold move was greeted with extreme hostility from the US Government, prompting attacks on all levels. It was forthcoming, people behind wikileaks would not expect a bouquet of flowers from the US Government after releasing classified war logs from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dirty Work

Nobody likes to do the dirty work, are you up to the dirty part of the job? Back in 2008, I remember my previous manager asked me this question during a final job interview. My answer I don’t recall, verbatim, but I knew I hit something the other candidate missed.

Quadruple the Happiness

What weighs four times more than a laptop but gives you four times the fun? The answer, my friend, is a brand new out of the box Cisco 3750 switch. And what good would a switch be, especially when you are simulating 642-813 Labs, without other switches? You’ve guessed it right my friend, three more 3750 switch waiting to be config teed.


In the hope of passing my next certification, I deactivated my Facebook account 3 days ago. Let’s see how well will I fair in the exam two months from now.