Watching too much TV would deteriorate your brain, according to my Father. So I stopped watching TV after the the Darna series starred by the goddess Angel Locsin back in 2005. For those who know Angel, this would not require further explanation.

Lately I am starting to get hooked watching TV series – like Chuck, but not from the boob tube. I watch these series from my portable player or laptop, the .avi files courtesy of friends and co-workers, for Love of sharing. My father forgot to add that watching too much downloaded American TV series would alter your concept of reality.

Today, I woke up feeling like a spy. Makes me wonder I never knew any Asian spy. Anyway, I boot my Mac which runs Microsoft OS and entered my spy credentials to gain access to my secret mission for today. I slipped on a watch, which I haven’t done since Alberto Gamos stole my Timex Ironman watch back in grade-school, pretending it has a radio transmitter and a mini-taser. I tested it on the stray cat just to be sure it is operational. It was a bad Idea because cat shit was all over the place. Alberto Gamos, you son of a bitch, I haven’t forgiven myself for sitting still in high school, pretending nothing is wrong each time I see you basking in the glory of my Timex Ironman with Indiglo watch.

I put on my suit pretending to be deliriously handsome and charming. Looking at the mirror I said, “the name is Bond, Joms Bond.” I was dressed to kill but I had second thoughts on trying my new spiel on Country Style chick near our office. I was afraid I would not be able to use their microwave, that means I have to walk 200 meters to use the official microwave in the pantry.

I put on my dad’s cole-haan with nike air sole in case I have to jump off a train, pretending the nike air-sole can guarantee me a clean landing so I won’t have to get my suit dry cleaned after the mission. Then I realized I was running late and needed to drive to work now.


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