Hajime no Workshop

Today, I officially went back to school. Not to study exactly but to partake in a seven day Network Workshop organized by UPIttc, Spiceworx and Hitachi Joho. The goal is to design a Network that would suffice the requirements of an expanding company. In the coming days, I hope to enjoy this workshop.


Out of Nothing

If you had watched several episodes the popular anime Full Metal Alchemist, you  are probably familiar with Edward’s monologue which he delivers before the opening theme song. It goes something like the paragraph below which I got from the third link of my Google search.

“Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world’s one, and only truth.”

I was a sucker for the series, not only for its powerful lines that makes you think about the metaphysical aspect of our life but also for the brotherly love between Edward and Alphonse, willing to sacrifice their life and cross parallel dimensions for each other.

Until one fateful Sunday morning changed everything I thought about the series. I was doing my usual habit of hopping radio stations while waiting for the green light, when I heard the line “Out of nothing at all, makin’ na na na and so on…” I had gone past 3 stations when I realized that I need to get back to the channel and listen more to the song. My mind was battered with what I heard, feeling close to having an intra-cerebral hemorrhage. I came to class still agitated, I was thinking about the song I heard, if I heard it right in the first place.

After a quick search in Google, I found out the song was entitled MAKING LOVE OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL, by Air Supply. I hastily clicked on the link to YouTube and listened to the song.

“Out of nothing at all, na na na”


One Sunday morning, I woke up with the usual alarm ringing in my ears. The usual stench reeking out of my mouth every morning and the usual scent of saliva on my pillow, I can already tell that it’s going to be a usual day. I thought about the cursed meows that broke my sleep at 2 a.m., seems like I need to double my effort on obtaining a slingshot. I need to put an end to all the purring and meowing; even my dad has started to complain for the past few days. Those overweight felines feel like they own our garage, staging concerts and orgies. How I miss my pellet gun and my slingshot.

Out of words and out of place, I begin to question the reality that I made myself believe. Lost in a forest of skepticism, the good old path that I had trodden for all these years suddenly led me to a fork. How I want to murder those cats in cold blood. Darkness is upon me and my body is yearning for it.


Sitting atop these battered steps while staring afar at pale columns that linger with four centuries of grand history, I began to trace my steps backwards in time when I was in college. I still had roughly 20 minutes before my part time job beckons me to Amparo Building, so I thought a little reminiscing would do no harm. After all, I consciously park my truck here to save on parking fees every time I have some business nearby.

Change was everywhere and it was like a kraken that engulfed this old university and spat out a modernized version like coke light to coke zero or whatever. Four storied carports that resembled an SM Cyberzone, a 60 foot effigy of a man carrying a watch c/o Timex, all sorts of fast food chains (foreign and local) facing adjacent to the face lifted hospital.

The funny thing was that I had more vivid recollections of my high school days than my college days. This is a draft.


I stopped killing time during my prime, I started chasing dimes instead of jotting down rhymes. I stopped staring at my reflection, I started looking right through the person. I stopped wondering why, and started accepting things as they are. I stopped falling from trees, and started climbing the corporate ladders. I stopped setting our house on fire, I started torching my deepest desire. I stopped making friends, and I started gaining enemies. I stopped being naive, only to find out it was than better being wise. I stopped seeing good in people hearts, and I started seeing the darkness in people’s minds. I stopped making love, I started brooding hate. I stopped day dreaming in class and started to wake up to the bitter truth that life is crazy, and so is this world we are living in. But change is within our reach, we just have to step up and start owning things instead of passing the ball around. It is 1 a.m. and I’m sleepy, hey moon don’t you go down yet.