I stopped killing time during my prime, I started chasing dimes instead of jotting down rhymes. I stopped staring at my reflection, I started looking right through the person. I stopped wondering why, and started accepting things as they are. I stopped falling from trees, and started climbing the corporate ladders. I stopped setting our house on fire, I started torching my deepest desire. I stopped making friends, and I started gaining enemies. I stopped being naive, only to find out it was than better being wise. I stopped seeing good in people hearts, and I started seeing the darkness in people’s minds. I stopped making love, I started brooding hate. I stopped day dreaming in class and started to wake up to the bitter truth that life is crazy, and so is this world we are living in. But change is within our reach, we just have to step up and start owning things instead of passing the ball around. It is 1 a.m. and I’m sleepy, hey moon don’t you go down yet.


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