Final Friday

And if there was something out of the usual to share, it would be absence of Manic Mondays for the last six months of my existence. They were replaced by Troubling Tuesdays due to our company’s adherence to MST Zone, which on my opinion is the best time zone to follow when working in our beloved country. 6PM MST is 9AM local time; do I need to say more?  So much for planning to make this an I’m-bitter-with-the-world post, I just used the word beloved. Starting this May, I am forced to bid farewell to my existing work schedule meaning goodbye Friday to Sunday day off. Hello Monday to Wednesday day off, I hope you’ll be kind to me. I have a weak heart. A heart so weak that I replaced my truck’s leaf spring bushings and front shock absorbers in honor of my final Friday day off.

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Epic Beard

People’s reaction after I grew a beard and a moustache:

“Natakot ako pag kakita ko nung pic mo!”
“Bad boy look”
“Manong Joma”
“Action star look”
“Kamuha mo si Victor Neri na may sakit”
“‘Wag kang magsasalita ng kengkoy, ha?”
“Hoy hoy hoy Mr Suave!”

Nothing to Say

Today I woke up consumed by an old feeling. I felt I could lie in my bed a bit longer without a sense of urgency for the day ahead. My bed plays a silent tune lulling me back to sleep against my will. I’m 15 again and I’m back in my old room here in the province. But am I the same person that once looked outside my bedroom window thinking about sniping ice cream vendors in the mid day sun? Am I the same selfish kid who did things for the sake of me? Am I the same lazy ass that passed the ball around until work was done? Perhaps I am, and perhaps I’m not. I’d like to linger to find out if I grew wiser through all these years. I’d like to know the price for sticking for what I believe in 12 years ago. Yes, I am a fool, I’ll always be. And that is just me.