Save Me

Where have all the righteous men gone, long time no see? When the right thing happens to be the hardest, can you blame us for being wicked. On the first sight of blood, if turn around and flee? Can you blame me for being the coward, choosing self preservation? There will be another day, as certain as the games we play. The next time, I’ll wield my sword in triumphant glory.

Saving game… Please wait. Do not remove memory card.



I sprained my right foot muscle over a basketball game this evening. I shouldn’t have played with the construction workers. I only have one week before our company sports fest starts. Based from my previous battles with sprains, it looks like I’ll be warming the bench with my skinny ass again. Just when I secured a spot at the starting line up, the goddess Nike screws me. I have never been part of any starting line up, even on the small time barrio leagues. God, I’m hopeless.

Looking on the bright side, my injury inspired me to brew an ultra corny joke that goes like:

“Ano ang tawag sa pinakamasakit na chocolate?”