When you have to go, you really have to go.

It takes one rainy Sunday afternoon to see the depths of our mind. The water’s rhythmic cadence on the roof whispers like a good old friend that makes us feel how lucky we exist in this lifetime. And the flood it leaves after its splash reminds us of the sick cycle that after life comes death. I am assuming, of course, for normal people like me that happiness is balance and getting what you paid for. As simple as getting a tattoo, out of ink, pain and blood comes ‘skinful’ art. Or when starting to play the guitar, you can’t expect to fret out stunning riffs without callusing your fingers. You can have your cake and eat it but expect a rise in your sugar level.

Outside looking in, inside looking out.

I decided to take my neutral side, leaving my extremes behind. Hoping to see what I came to find, I slowly took a peek inside my mind.