Hajime no Workshop

Today, I officially went back to school. Not to study exactly but to partake in a seven day Network Workshop organized by UPIttc, Spiceworx and Hitachi Joho. The goal is to design a Network that would suffice the requirements of an expanding company. In the coming days, I hope to enjoy this workshop.


Quadruple the Happiness

What weighs four times more than a laptop but gives you four times the fun? The answer, my friend, is a brand new out of the box Cisco 3750 switch. And what good would a switch be, especially when you are simulating 642-813 Labs, without other switches? You’ve guessed it right my friend, three more 3750 switch waiting to be config teed.

An inconvenienced man


The fictional Al Gore did this thing: He “invented” the Internet. He did not, of course, but it has to be cited that Gore, was a geek, even before the word “geek” became part of our everyday jargon. During his years at Capitol Hill, he was part of the so-called “Atari Democrats,” who exhibited genuine passion toward technology. And at the same time made pioneering initiatives to push for a science and technology agenda.

The passion has endured. Al Gore now sits on the Apple board. I don’t think Steve Jobs and company would have offered  him that board seat had Gore turned  lukewarm on  technology issues. Gore is also a venture capitalist, investing on green and pioneering technologies.

The other fiction in the life of Al Gore:  his love story with Tipper Aitcheson was the basis of the tearjerker and top grossing movie “Love Story.” Not quite, said Erich Segal, but the domineering father of Oliver Barrett 1V, the main character of the movie, may have been Al Gore Sr. Continue reading

Awkward Silence 2

It is 30 minutes past 1 am and we are in the wake of a fiber break affecting one of our outgoing links, leaving a single point of failure for outgoing voice calls. The shift lead, which was a voice engineer, has a flight bound to Manila at 5 am. My shift starts at 10pm and ends at 7am. His shift ended at 11pm, without hesitating this zealous fella carried the task of coordinating the implications of the fiber break to the different business heads. Tired and weary he turned to me asking a little favor:

Voice guy: Are you awake around 5am?

Me: Ah…. (is this a trick question?)

Voice guy: I have a favor.

Me: Sure sir! What is it? (does he know I sleep after he goes off?)

Voice guy: Can you call me around 5am? If it is okay.

Me: No problem, Sir! (what the heck was that? My shift ends at 7am so it follows I should be awake.)

Voice guy: Thanks, Joms!

Me: No worries, Sir!

Awkward silence follows…


Awkward Silence

While discussing multiple DHCP scopes in tandem with ip-helper command on the NetVanta 3448 Router with our CTO.

CTO: I was under the impression that each subnet would have its own DHCP server.

Me: Nope. Only one. Works on Cisco in tandem with 2003 Servers.

CTO: Okay… Will it work on NetVanta?

Me: It should. It’s just a theory but theoretically it should work. Right?

Awkward silence follows…

Blog doesn’t get traffic from search engines.

Eighteen days after starting this WordPress blog, I haven’t got any traffic from search engine results. After a bit of research, I found that Webmaster Tools can be utilized to increase the chance of gaining traffic from the big 3 search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

This link contains detailed instructions on how to manipulate the way search engine looks at your site. Used properly, Webmaster Tools can generate a lot of traffic for your site/blog. I am going to try these steps tonight and will give feedback after a month.

How to patch any Warcraft Version to 1.24d

I was lost till I found this step by step instruction to update to the latest Warcraft Version. It simplifies every process known to patching to the latest Warcraft Version. For Warcraft Fanatics, especially DotA players, the added security offered by upgrading to the latest version of Wacraft is imperative. It prevents unwanted Map Hacks and Cheat engines from taking over the map thereby ensuring a clean gaming experience. To be dominated or pawned due to the  exceptional skills of the enemy can hurt one’s ego, but to be beaten using a cheat is another story.

To the main topic:

Download the Warcraft 3 version switcher and it’s file(s) you want to use with Version Switcher below.

All-In-One-WVS-by-DotA-Utilities.rar (301mb)


Download Warcraft Version Switcher:
Warcraft-Version-Switcher.zip (617 KB)

Warcraft 1.20 Patch File:
TFT Version 1.20.zip

Warcraft 1.21 Patch File:
TFT Version 1.21.zip

Warcraft 1.21b Patch File:
TFT Version 1.21b

Warcraft 1.22 Patch File:
TFT Version 1.22.zip

Warcraft 1.23 Patch File:
TFT Version 1.23.zip

Warcraft 1.24 Patch File:
TFT Version 1.24.zip

Warcraft 1.24b Patch File:
TFT Version 1.24b.zip

Warcraft 1.24c Patch File:
TFT Version 1.24c.zip

Warcraft 1.24d Patch File:
TFT Version 1.24d.zip

Original Site Link: dota-utilities.com