5 Years

Come to think of it, tomorrow will mark my fifth year of working for the same company. I consider this a milestone and a big deal considering the longest time I worked with a company was a year and two months. Job hopping job hopper record of 10 companies in 5 years. How frequent I switched jobs in the past still amazes me to date. If too much job hopping was a crime, I would probably get a life sentence. Death penalty, if you include harassment cases. (I’m kidding of course)

Graciously thankful for past five years, for not everyone is blessed to work on the stuff they love to do, amplified with working with diverse groups of people (some are really close friends) – relentlessly challenging and pushing what was once a lonely planet to a thriving solar system. This is only metaphor I can think of as of the moment, too much sun I suppose. Spitefully mindful of past five years during the times my work has taken over my life, for everyone knows what it’s like to forgo personal plans over work.

With my big eager eyes, I look forward in the coming years, years of continued growth, both skills and financial stability, and most important one, time with my family.  Cheers to the good life.


Some notable stuff I learned the past week includes:

  1. Replacing wheel bearings and bleeding hydraulic brake systems
  2. ATM – means “at the moment”
  3. You’ll be safe here chords
  4. People in Loyola Grand Villas are insanely rich
  5. My mom watches OTWOL and she enjoys it
  6. You can get rid of ants using a home made solution of boric acid, water and sugar.
  7. Yaya dub’s sister is hotter, I accidentally found her in Instagram while searching for Coleen Garcia
  8. Mr Robot tv series is one for the books

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